In The Know: Seattle Interactive Conference (SIC)

This year Seattle Interactive examines transparency

“The curious people are the people that advance the world,” says Jim Haven, Co-founder and CEO of Creature, a Seattle-based creative advertising agency. What does that mean? Well, look around you. Lately, weird has become normal, almost predictable. The bar for ideas has risen, and this month both trailblazers and the newly inspired will come together at the Seattle Interactive Conference, Oct 28-30 in downtown Seattle.

With the proliferation of more data and information than at any time in history, technology enables anyone to examine data and trends to continue moving forward in innovation. This information isn’t always neatly packaged. Finding it and seeing how it can best be used is keeping outside-of-the-box thinkers on their toes. It’s apparent that industries are converging. SIC provides a rare forum in which entrepreneurs, technologists, brands, businesses, creative leaders and consumers can directly share experiences with the digital trendsetters of today and the thought leaders of tomorrow.

The conference will cover everything that digital has allowed creative thinkers to do. Brands engagement, social media, publishing, video, storytelling, and how all these elements work together, and can work better moving forward.

In essence, SIC is a peak into the future and it gets all the right people in the room to create that future and make it a reality.

Over 4,000 attendees passed through the doors of SIC last year so this year the planning team has expanded the conference to three days (October 28-30). People will travel from throughout the US and beyond to be a part of the conference, which features thought-provoking speakers, panelists, moderated debates, and an exhibit hall.

For those that can’t make the conference but still want to be a part of the energy, there are after-conference networking opportunities. Yes, that means Seattle happy hour, scattered throughout downtown and Capitol Hill.

View their list of panelist here and the full schedule here.

See ya there.

Seattle Interactive Conference|Oct 28-30 | Washington State Convention Center | Tickets