Grub Alert: Kigo Kitchen

Kigo Tofu Yakisoba.

Fresh and hot like you.

In this edition of Grub Alert, we feature Kigo Kitchen, which opened its doors in South Lake Union on 11/12/13. Kigo Kitchen offers quick, quality meals that are satisfying and flavorful, all for under $9! You can choose from their wok-fired combos or you can build your own. Choose protein, sauce, and base (yakisoba noodles, brown or white rice, or just greens) for a customized meal.

Kigo Tofu Yakisoba.
Kigo Tofu Yakisoba.

Kigo Kitchen offers six Chef’s Choice Bowls, including Kigo Curry served with coconut curry, steak, and brown rice. The curry is actually surprisingly light, while still capturing the essence of traditional curry with rich creaminess.  Kigo Ono features their version of sweet and sour sauce and pork over brown rice. However, there’s no gooey artificial pink sauce to be found. The sauce does have sweet and sour notes with pineapple, tamarind, shiso, cinnamon, and cumin served over super moist shredded pork. This was my favorite. The pork really puts it over the top.

Kigo Kick has a mix of chilies and a hint of citrus served with steak over baby asian greens. Add in some Fire Sauce (wasabi and roasted chilis) to really give you a kick. Kigo ‘Tarian features a peanut hoisin sauce with flavorful tofu and yakisoba noodles. The tofu is pressed, brushed with sauce, and baked so it has the texture of fried tofu (who doesn’t like anything fried?), but isn’t!

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Photos by Jennifer Liu.

The other two Chef’s Choice Bowls feature their house teriyaki sauce and an herbaceous garlic lemongrass sauce over chicken and white rice.

If you’re building your own bowl, pick a base: brown or white rice, yakisoba noodles, or baby asian greens (mix of mustards, spinach, and baby bok choy). Then, choose your protein: roasted chicken, spiced pork, pepper steak, baked tofu, edamame, or just veggies and lastly, choose one of their six gourmet housemade sauces.

The recipes have been thoughtfully developed and tested and are cooked in 90 seconds. From the time you complete your order at the register to the time your meal is cooked, it’s a mere 90 seconds! They have streamlined the process to make it the most efficient for their customers. Kigo Kitchen is a place you could eat routinely and not get tired of. Everything is made in house for a consistently delicious and warm meal that is probably healthier than everything else around.

Open daily from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Kigo Kitchen     |      210 Westlake Ave.,  Seattle     |    (206) 805 – 8845