Seattleites Embrace Fitness Wristbands – Win Yours!

The Jawbone UP24 sells for 149.99 at AT&T.

When bathing suit season rolls around some of us need all the motivation we can get to make sure we stick to our “get in shape” commitments. This is what makes wearable technology a hit. By tracking things like the number of steps you take each day, your calorie intake, and even your sleeping patterns, activity tracking wristbands can play a big role in how you approach everyday fitness – and Seattleite are all over it.

These highly functional, but not-so-fashionable wristbands somehow became a mainstream trend in this city. They’re no longer just for health freaks, but everyday people who do everyday things. The reason for embracing the wristbands is that we want to make sure that we are doing enough of those everyday things.

Employers are even giving their employees the tech toys for all tyaccessories-4834b-450x350pes of reasons: as a team building activity, holiday gifts, and even to score employee healthcare discounts.

So, do you have a Nike Fuelband, Fitbit, or Jawbone? Be prepared. If you’re wearing one of these things, you’ll be asked by a fellow activity tracker which one’s on your wrist. And just like them, you’ll want to know how it’s going for them and how they like the brand of wristband they chose.

It’s not hard to find them at stores. 2014 has been dubbed the year of wearable technology by Forbes Magazine and Huffington Post. Wireless carriers like AT&T see the revenue opportunity here and now sell the wristbands in their stores and online. Makes sense since you view your stats on your mobile – the other device that you never leave home without.

These plain looking bracelets that cost on average $100 a pop are a hit in Seattle, which shouldn’t be a huge surprise. We’re a town of function over fashion. We wear flannel and roll up one pant leg so that our pants don’t get caught on the chain of our bike that we ride to work.

We’re also a tech town of entrepreneurs. Wearable fitness technology also includes bras and socks. Ask the person next to you what they think about this, and instead of “Eww gross” the response will most likely be, “Huh, tell me more.”

If you don’t own one of these fitness devices yourself, here’s your chance to try one out.

Tweet @SeattleiteMag with #JawboneUP24 and #SeattleiteGiveAways and we’ll pick a winner for a free Jawbone UP24, courtesy of AT&T.

Good luck!