The Radar: Pure Barre Does Green Lake

Pure Barre Greenlake Facebook Page Photo from the Pure Barre Greenlake Facebook page

I was looking at my calendar the other day and I realized I haven’t experienced the burn of Pure Barre for almost six months. Six months! The dismay! Blame it on being a first-time working nursing mom, I guess, since doesn’t seem to be a shortage of Pure Barre locations across western Washington, that’s for sure.


And now, my everyone’s favorite ballet-based total body workout is creeping even further westward with dynamic duo Sami and Brandon Sweeney’s fifth location in four years coming to Green Lake–the Sweeney’s own ‘hood.

Pure Barre Greenlake Facebook Page
Photo from the Pure Barre Green Lake Facebook page

Pure Barre Green Lake opens THIS Saturday, July 12, and joins PCC Natural Markets in the new Green Lake Village complex at 406 NE 71st Street. The new studio will feature 1,900 square feet of space for 25 students per class. And, as always, students’ first class is complimentary.

I was fortunate enough to chat with Sami about the latest location and what the future looks like for Pure Barre’s total takeover of Seattle. Read on to see what she had to say:

Michelle Strub: So, why Green Lake?

Sami Sweeney:  Green Lake is a health conscious, active neighborhood that draws people from all over the city. Additionally, the fitness studio offerings are very limited for such a dense neighborhood. We identified this as a great market to expand to over a year ago when my husband and I became permanent residents of the neighborhood.

Is there anything new or different about the Green Lake studio versus the others?

We work to provide a consistent experience for all of our clients. That said, our studio is very similar to our existing locations in size, shape and amenities provided. We are excited to offer more fitness apparel in this great retail space, offering fitness lines such as Beyond Yoga, Alo, Splits 59 and Karma. We also couldn’t be more excited to have PCC as a neighbor!

You’ve expanded Pure Barre so quickly here–what was and is your vision for bringing barre to Seattle?

This highly intense, low-impact workout brings so many benefits to its followers. My original goal in 2010, when we opened our first studio, was simply to share the Pure Barre technique with as many people in the greater Seattle area as possible. Experience and market research has taught me that people do not travel very far to workout. Calculated expansion in various markets is necessary to provide convenient studio locations for all our clients.   Where will the next location be? We will be opening our downtown Redmond location this fall!

YES! Can I make a request–Issaquah next? Thanks in advance 😉 So what is your teaching schedule like now that you have so many locations to manage?

My schedule is always crazy! I love teaching and will continue to teach at all locations. I’m averaging about 16 classes per week with the Green Lake opening.

That’s a lot ! With your schedule, how often do you actually get to take a class yourself?

I try to average 4 classes a week. I’m also really great at “Pure Barre-ing” myself if I can’t make a class.

What makes Pure Barre different from The Bar Method and Barre3 in our area?

Pure Barre is intense, fast-paced and utilizes interval training to maximize calories burned at the barre. We use innovative equipment to provide additional stability and resistance work through each section of class. Our creativity, uniqueness, effectiveness and curated music keeps us competitive in the market. We also have some of Seattle’s best fitness instructors!

I couldn’t agree more with that last statement. Your teachers really are rad. I want to be best friends with all of them! By the way, how’s it working with your husband?

My husband Brandon and I have been partners in Pure Barre since 2012. As a licensed attorney with amazing business acumen, he’s been the best partner I can imagine. His strengths as a small business owner are very complimentary to my strengths in the business. We are both truly grateful to spend our days together doing what we love.


Pure Barre Green Lake | 406 NE 71st Street, Seattle 98115 |