Music Madness: A Sit Down With Hilltop Hoods

Hilltop hoods

Who: MC’s Suffa and Pressure met in high school in  the hills of Southern Australia and were later introduced to DJ Debris, whom they found  had a common appreciation and love for hip-hop music that was not prevalent in their local music scene. The trio joined forces as Hilltop Hoods, and soon became breakout leaders in the Australian music industry. After the release of their 2003 album The Calling, the Hoods have demanded a loyal following, and paved the way for rap and hip hop artists in their country, while established themselves as a force to be reckoned with on the International stage. After many successful albums, touring Australia with Eminem, and creating a huge following from their eye opening festival performances, the Hilltop Hoods have finally landed in Seattle, where a love and appreciation of talented rappers goes hand in hand with a freshly brewed latte, and finely rolled legal blunt. Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of hanging out with the kings of Australian hip-hop before their epic performance at the Crocodile Cafe. The venue was brimming with excitement before their set, as an audience of young and seasoned concert goers stood in anticipation for an evening on their feet.

What was the inspiration behind your latest album Walking Under Stars?

Pressure: We spent a lot of time and energy on our previously released album Drinking From the Sun, and Walking Under Stars is a follow up and answer to what we did there.

What were you most excited about for this tour, and why has it taken you so long to come to Seattle?

Pressure: This album means alot to us, and we’re excited to share it on our US tour. We’d never been to Seattle and got to stop by Pike Place Market today! We’re thrilled to be here and thank our fans and Seattle for supporting us!