Music Madness: Learn The Ropes of the Music Industry With CreativeLive

Dexter Studio Now Offering Classes For Inspired Creative Professionals

OAR In studio
OAR Live in studio at CreativeLive

Who: Seattle is a city filled with a deep appreciation for everything music, from inspiring artists, band managers, teachers and recording professionals. We even have a department within the City of Seattle dedicated to the innovation of the local Film + Music industry, but where does one inspired young professional go to seek education in the field? CreativeLive has been offering video-centralized classes in their Dexter studio for creative types since they launched back in 2010. Students who prefer to learn from the comfort of their pajamas at home or  a coffee shop can opt to take classes live online, without spending a penny. Yes, you read that correctly; any student who tunes in to their FREE live classes can interact with other attendees and learn from professionals who have had success in the field. Past music and audio classes include topics such as introduction to home recording, tracking and mixing with outboard gear, and incite for becoming a music professor. If you miss the free live session, or want to learn at your own pace, video downloads can be purchased online.

CreativeLive has seen tremendous growth over the past few years with over 2 million students worldwide, and a strong demand for continued creative education.  Coursework is not just for the musically inclined, but also falls under the categories of photography and video, design, money and life, and craft making. The next upcoming class to put on your calendar is The New Music Biz: Bands, Brands, Managers & Tours, taught by Vans Warped Tour Founder Kevin Lyman. Learn some inside tips from Kevin on breaking into the industry, and developing and sustaining a career in music.

When: Check the schedule of live classes online here and tune in September 27th @ 9:00am-4:00pm for The New Music Biz: Brands, Bands, Managers & Tours with Kevin Lyman