Music Madness: Land of the Sweets, Burlesque Nutcracker

A Very Naughty Christmas with Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann

What:  In its ninth year running, Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann’s rendition of the Land of Sweets Burlesque Nutcracker offers Seattleites an exciting twist on the classic holiday production. With promises of stunning choreography, skillfully designed costumes and playful banter, you’re sure to wind up on the naughty list after attending a 2014 showing.

land of sweets triple door
Photo Courtesy of Scott Butner

As the Land of Sweets approaches it’s 10th anniversary at the Triple Door, we were curious what has evolved in production over the past several years. “One of my absolute favorite moments to illustrate the evolution of the show is that the first year, Jasper and I sat on the floor for endless hours, hand-placing thousands of petals on panties,” said Lily Verlaine. “They came to be referred to as “Skull Panties” because of the fact that we stretched the fabric around a huge skull that was roughly the size of people’s hips! Most recently, we are working with very talented professional designers like Louise DiLenge and Stephanie Seymour who have much more efficient ways of creating bold statements,” said Verlaine.

land of sweets triple
Photo Courtesy of Christopher Blakely

We were surprised, and slightly disappointed to hear that the sultry, and show stealing Miss Indigo Blue would not be providing crude entertainment for the masses this year. “The biggest surprise for returning guests is at the top of each act, as Miss Indigo Blue is taking the year off from performing,” said Lily Verlaine. Two ladies are set to perform in her place, and promise not to disappoint. Don’t miss the opportunity for a festive evening full of snowflakes falling from fluffy panties, tassels hidden beneath sheer suits, and a whimsical winter wonderland at the Triple Door. The Land of Sweets will run Dec 11th- Dec 26th, tickets can be purchased here.