In The Know: New Recipe for “The Cookie” + Free Samples

The Cookie at Met Market

Today you’ll be able to sample “The Cookie” a chocolate chip cookie that has been three years in the making by the Met Market. The baking team has refined the recipe for the basic chocolate chip cookie to make it the best chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever experience.

From 11am to 6pm a team will be in the Uptown, Lower Queen Anne neighborhood near the market handing out The Cookie.

The Cookie at Met Market

Bakery experts at the market’s corporate office researched for the best recipe ever by traveling around the country sampling other famous cookies before developing “The Cookie,” which uses locally sourced butter and milled flour. What makes this cookie so special is that the main focus is on the chocolate. They sell for $2.99 a piece.

The Cookie is officially available at Uptown, and will hit Admiral and Kirkland locations later this summer.

To keep up with where to find the cookie street team on Tuesday follow @MetMarket on Instagram and Twitter and #TheCookie #TheCookieisHere.