Music Madness: Steve Miller Band

Steve Miller’s Clan Turns Chateau Ste Michelle Into Swingtown 


In 1956, a few twelve year old boys blew the roof off an SMU fraternity house, serenading the college crowd with a few Clover’s covers. Cue dozens of young ladies wishing their warm miller lite was one mint julep. One of those boys working the crowd that night had more rhythm and natural talent than half of the rock bands breaking into the industry today, and that little rock and roll legend was of course, Steve Miller.

Fast forward nearly 60 years, and the Steve Miller Band is still killin it, with over 13 million copies of their greatest hits album sold worldwide. Hundreds of Seattleites corralled around the winery last friday night, drinking a little too much wine, and dancing to all the greatest hits from Abracadabra, to Space Cowboy. The highlight of the evening was most definitely Miller shaming an attendee for jumping on stage in a joker mask right before they were going to perform the joker song, to which he mused “We must all stop and let this guy know just how uncool that was to disrupt our evening.” Well played sir. Well played.

The summer concert series at Chateau Ste Michelle continues through September – see you at the next one!

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