RECAP: 20th Annual Pike Place Sunset Supper

Smoked Halibut

Seattle’s premier summer food & wine event.

As always, Sunset Supper is a highlight of our lovely Seattle summers. In the week leading up to the event, there were two thunderstorms, but the clouds parted and the rain stopped about an hour before the event on Friday. Lucky us! There was an excitement and hunger in the air as food lovers from all over the state came together to celebrate The Market Foundation, our local community and some of the region’s finest restaurants, wineries, and breweries.

Smoked Halibut
Smoked Halibut, Pesto, Fry Bread by Matt’s in the Market.


  • ONE-BITE: Smoked Halibut with pesto and fry bread from Matt’s in the Market.
  • SLIDER: Seatown Seabar’s Salmon Burgers. A great bun, the patty was crispy on the outside and incredibly moist on the inside. We will be going to Seatown Seabar for this ASAP!
  • SOUP/STEW: Chowder from Pike Place Chowder. This is always good, every time.
  • DESSERT: Gourmet Popsicles from Seattle Pops. We tasted the Zesty Lime and the Watermelon. Both were bright in flavor and tasted as fresh as the actual fruit (because it is made with actual fruit). Macrina Bakery featured a divine Peanut Butter Crunch Cake with creamy peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache.
  • NON-ALCOHOLIC DRINK: Rhubarb and Juniper Berry DRY Soda. We did get to sample the limited reserve Lemongrass flavor, but it wasn’t our favorite.
  • ALCOHOLIC DRINK: We loved Schilling Cider. As the upward trend of popularity for cider continues, they have some of the most well-balanced and drinkable ciders.
Salmon Burgers by Seatown Seabar & Rotisserie.
Watermelon & Tomato Salad by Radiator Whiskey.
FullSizeRender (4)
Crab Cocktail Parfait by Cutters Crabhouse.
12th Man Popcorn from Scutter's Popcorn.
12th Man Popcorn from Scutter’s Popcorn.

With over 90 restaurants, breweries, wineries, bakeries, there was something to satisfy everyone. Overall, a great evening benefiting a great cause. See you next year!

Photos by Jennifer Liu.

Pike Place Sunset Supper          |             Pike Place Market             |          August 14, 2015