Brew Barons: Silver City Brewing

“Beer for one, beer for all.”

Nestled in the peninsula town of Silverdale, Silver City Brewery has been steadily picking up steam in the beer game since 1996. The restaurateurs-turned-brewers took their passion for beer and have proudly established themselves as purveyors of beers that will appeal to all palettes. And boy do these guys know how to make beer!

Silver city 3

Thomas Kemper Alum Don Spencer brought his brewing expertise to Silverdale to start brewing for Steve and Scott Houmes who were already making a name for their top notch burgers. Together, they brought Silver City Brewery to its present splendor.

We recently jumped onto the ferry from Seattle to check out the restaurant and bar in Silverdale where it all began, as well as their brewery facility in Bremerton. Their sit-down restaurant has a great variety of food which we recommend you pair with a flight or two to taste all their available beers.

Silver City1

We can’t emphasize enough just how outstanding these beers are. Each one has a full, sumptuous quality that is incredible while still staying true to their respective quintessential style. Our top five favorites are bolded in the list below, but all of these brews are worth drinking with fervor and delight.


  • Hefe: Cloudy with vibrancy. Bold flavor with depth of palate.
  • Pale: Classic finish of malt and hops.
  • Whoop Pass IPA: The hops on this bad boy will smack you upside the kisser. A whole 85 IBUs and crisp as an alpine autumn.
  • St. Florian IPA: – Balanced hop profile. Drink it to support your local firefighters (almost $25,000 raised last year and over $100,000 so far this year). Drink it because it’s an incredible IPA.
  • Ridgetop Red: Refreshing in every way, drinkable, sippable, tremendously enjoyable. Pronounced full flavor, caressed with a touch of caramel, and a hint of hoppiness.
  • Double IPA: The high IBUs are mellowed by the high ABV. It’s like a police trained German Shepherd that is off duty and snuggling you on the couch.
  • Panther Porter: Everything you want from an indulgent porter with the rich component that is the signature of Silver City.
  • Fat Scotch Ale: The smoky/peaty quality of typical scotch ales is present, but works in concert with the hearty malt aspects of this fantastic beer.


  • Oktoberfest: Imagine drinking a fresh baguette. Robust yet lively.
  • Citra Wet Hop: Mellow IBU, rounded floral notes, lush body.
  • Wonderland: Tastes like a brown ale trying to be a Christmas cookie tray.
  • Wine Barrel Aged Liquid Sunshine: The name does not disappoint. Bright flavor verging on sour from the chardonnay barrel.  
  • Giant Made Of Shadows: Bourbon Barrel aged beer. The dark, malty beer is accented beautifully with the caramel tones of the bourbon.
  • Le Fat Oak-barrel aged Belgian Sour: White wine barrel essence carried over into a dark and complex sour.
  • Ziggy Zoggy Summer Lager: Crisp, light zwickelbier with a touch of sweetness.

If you can’t make it out to the Bremerton Brewery and Taproom or the Silver City Restaurant & Ale House, be sure to keep an eye out for these guys in a store or taphouse near you. Their distance from Seattle shouldn’t be the reason you don’t try them out!

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Photos by Silver City Brewing.

Silver City Brewery          |            2799 NW Myhre Rd, Silverdale             |            (360) 698-5879