FitFam launches virtual event platform, to help people be healthy and active

Building an online platform to host virtual event experiences.

FitFam, a Seattle-based startup, creates and hosts virtual event experiences that inspire people–of all ages and athletic abilities–to live healthy and active. Participants commit to a fitness goal, connect with hundreds of others in a nationwide online community, get exclusive event merchandise, win awards and prizes, and benefit worthy causes. FitFam launched on November 10th, 2015 and everyone can now sign up for FitFam’s first official event, the FitFam Challenge.



A virtual event is like your local 5K or marathon, but much more flexible–participants can do on the event on their own time, with a gathering of friends or solo, and at a location of their choice. It’s a fun and easy, low-stress way to participate in a race–not having to be at a specific location at 7am, while also connecting participants in a supportive, nationwide event community.

The experience has been popular with solo runners, friends, families (including kids and dogs!), and organizational groups alike–proving to be a great way to get together, get out the door, and be active.


Participants pay around $35 to register for a themed, fitness-related virtual event–often related to a fun holiday, pop culture favorite, and/or marketing campaign associated with a partner brand.

What’s included with registration: 

  • Invited to a participant-only website and social media community, where you can meet fellow participants nationwide
  • Exclusive swag in the mail to recognize your efforts and remember the experience
  • The chance to win awards and prizes through photo contests and merit-based categories (e.g. fastest 5K finisher)
  • Lots of “feel-goods”, knowing you: committed to and accomplished a goal, were part of a supportive and encouraging community of go-getters
  • Contribute to a non-profit cause related to the event’s theme

On the event weekend, participants complete their activity (e.g. running, walking, or biking), submit their results online–verified by their tracking app data–and share their experience through photos and videos on social media. Photo contest and merit-based award winners are selected, winning prizes are sent in the mail. 


Visit sign up for the FitFam Challenge, which will officially take place on January 15th, 2016. It is just the first of many FitFam virtual events to come! The price is roughly $35 (registration fees included) and participants will receive:

  • Cotton/poly blend shirts
  • Finisher medals
  • Bib numbers
  • Stickers
  • Lightweight running / cycling belts

Photos by Fitfam.