Brew Barons: Townshend’s Tea Co. Tasting event today at KBI Craft Spirits

Tea that will really help you de-stress. 

Botanicals, including teas, have been going into spirits for ages to make gin, aquavit, rum, and more. The folks at Townshend’s Tea Company have come up with a different approach to utilizing herbs to create new flavors. They take their teas and use them in the mash (materials mashed up to release juices and sugars to be distilled in liquor or spirits) with cane sugar. This creates a liquor that retains the tea flavor while adding more botanicals makes it a truly unique taste experience.

Line up pic

White Rose is a spirit with white tea and rose petal botanicals. The Bluebird Alpine is infused with ginger, fennel, cassia, and angelica root. There is even one for the smokey spirit lovers with No.5 Smoke Tea made from Lapsang Souchong black tea with rooibos, vanilla bean, and blackberry honey added.

These spirits are getting distributed outside of Oregon and are coming to a cocktail near you soon. If you simply can’t wait–like us–come meet with the team responsible for these gems while sipping these captivating spirits today! 


  • Who: Rob, Ray and Seth (Head Distiller) of Thomas & Sons Distillery
  • What: Tea Spirit samples, cocktails and general merriment
  • When: TODAY! Monday, November 16 from 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm
  • Where: KBI Craft Spirits | 5210 1st Avenue South, Seattle

Photos by Townshend Tea.