Mayer Hawthorne Makes Me Want Love Like That

Photo courtesy of Collin Stark

This man about town hits the stage tonight at the Neptune Theater

Photo courtesy of Collin Stark
Photo courtesy of Collin Stark

Have you found that perfect song that seems to be three dimensional and fulfill any mood you’re in? The one you blast while cleaning your 600sf closet you call a home, throw on the vinyl to clear the hazy air between friends, or had shazam spinning for so long you bought three pairs of pants at Nordstrom, all different sizes? Chances are that song came from Mayer Hawthorne. It’s like Marvin Gaye and George Clinton had a dapper, funky little love child that came out serenading the nurses. I’ve been lusting after this soulful powerhouse for seven years and counting, and might have grown fonder of him (if possible?) after the release of his newest album Man About Town; a refreshing peek into what I imagine inclusive LA life is really like. I had some time to sit down to hear what the man behind the mike is most excited for as he embarks on his North American tour, stopping at the Neptune Theater tonight in Seattle.

I’m absolutely mad about Man About Town. Where did you draw inspiration for this album?

MH: Man About Town is about my search for love in a big city.  It’s about living in Los Angeles and being surrounded by millions of people, and going to all the cool parties, but still feeling incredibly lonely.  Somehow the record still feels really fun, even though the subject matter is a little melancholy.

Like many of your songs, this album seems to focus around love – where is the line drawn between autobiographical and imagination?

MH: I think my storytelling has really improved over the last few albums. The richness of the details is there to paint a vivid picture and bring you into my world. This is by far my most personal album to date, and some of my ex-girlfriends are definitely going to be upset when they hear it. It’s the real deal Holyfield.

What can fans expect on this tour?

MH: I’ll be playing songs from the new album, as well as the old stuff, and there’s always a few surprises. I don’t do concerts; when you come to see Mayer Hawthorne you get a show.

Don’t miss the perfect way to wind down on a Tuesday – head to the Neptune tonight for a little henny and ginger ale with the man himself.

Mayer Hawthorne | May 10th | Neptune Theater