Plugged In: Porter Robinson & Madeon Come to Town December 10

Acclaimed electronic artists Porter Robinson and Madeon are coming to Seattle on December 10th as part of their “Shelter Live” Tour. Earlier this year the two longtime friends collaborated on a new single “Shelter“. In less than a month the track garnered over 10 million streams, charted #1 on Spotify’s Viral List, and earned acclaim the likes of Rolling StoneBillboardPitchfork + more. 


Last month, Porter dropped an anime video accompaniment for Shelter, and it went absolutely viral. The video has garnered over 6 million streams in only a few weeks, and the single has now hit over 30 million. 

“Shelter”is a brilliant shimmering, humanity-infused electronic pop and it comes at a serendipitous time for the two young artists. The duo took a hands-on approach to the songwriting process. The two of them wrote together in real-time, face-to- face, taking a decidedly old-school approach to the collaboration, inspiring and challenging one-another along the way. The result is an ode to family ties as much as it’s a pop song that epitomizes their friendship.

“Both Porter and I started working with people in-person when we started making our respective albums and appreciated how much more collaborative you can get,” Madeon explains of their decision to work together. “Our intent was to make music that would reflect our friendship.”

“I see enthusiasm and inspiration as the most important currency you can have when you’re making music,” Porter adds. “It’s this weird sensation of being drunk on your own confidence and excitement that leads to so many creative breakthroughs. That effect was really exaggerated when we were working together.”

The duo have announced a collaborative fall tour and will be coming through Seattle for a SOLD OUT show on December 10 at WaMu Theater.