Fall Snacks Overhaul

The Chef Dodge Bowl is one of LifeCafe's biggest sellers—and for good reason.

Fueling the season with delicious, healthful food + drink.

During this September stretch when we’re gradually transitioning from beach picnics to indoor potlucks and movie marathons, we’re thrilled to find ways to spice up our culinary and beverage choices—with options that prove good for our bodies, too. Whether you’re on the hunt for quick-and-easy midday munchables or late-night treats, here are some ideas we think you might like. (Full disclosure: Some of these goodies were mailed our way; others we discovered on our own and found ourselves hooked.)

We’ve previously sung the praises of tasty items found at local Seattle-area retailers, like Bob’s Red Mill protein powders (ideal for breakfast smoothies) and sweet treats made by Hail Merry, Theo Chocolate and Lenny and Larry’s (a great airport indulgence, we’ve discovered).

The Chef Dodge Bowl is one of LifeCafe’s biggest sellers—and for good reason.

If you find yourself on the Eastside, pop into Bellevue’s LifeCafe (connected to Life Time’s spacious health club) to pick up fresh and healthful items that are made using only real, wholesome ingredients—and free of artificial additives. Enjoy fresh grab-and-go goodies from the fridge, or sit in the sleek cafe to leisurely enjoy your meal on-site.

Build your own shake or smoothie (the Vegan PB & B Shake is wildly popular!), or dig into a variety of health-conscious bowls, sandwiches, salads and flatbreads. For a surprisingly filling lunch, order the Chef Dodge Bowl—a delightful combo of garlic-herbed chicken, grilled artichoke, roasted yellow tomato, squash, zucchini, red and yellow peppers, red onion, broccoli and cauliflower rice with citrus-garlic aioli.

Upton’s Naturals sells several flavors of seasoned jackfruit.

Now you can test new recipes at home, thanks to Stemilt’s online seasonal fruit suggestions; consider subscribing to Imperfect Produce for passed-over ingredients that may be “ugly” but still taste great. If looking for a plant-based alternative to pulled chicken or pork, try Upton’s Naturals’, which sells several flavors of unique jackfruit. They feature recipes on their website, too.)

Looking to explore farther beyond your culinary comfort zone? Sign up for on-site workshops hosted by Eat Seattle and the Hot Stove Society (run by Tom Douglas Restaurants).

Grass Fed Coffee helps start the day off right

Start your day with creamy Grass Fed Coffee (featuring the alleged health benefits of grass-fed butter) or delightful Wandering Bear, an organic, fair-trade cold brew coffee that features no sugar and only five calories. Post-workout, rehydrate with Detoxwater’s tasty aloe vera-infused water.

When it comes to snack-time, dive into GimMe’s organic seaweed offerings from chips and wafers to wraps (perfect for sandwich alternatives or rolling your own sushi). Try flavors of seaweed thins like our personal favorites—the toasted coconut and almond sesame varieties.

gimMe makes organic seaweed snacks that prove tasty snacks when on the go

Bubba’s Fine Foods, produced in Loveland, Colorado, produces tasty munchies that are paleo, grain-free, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and free of refined sugars and artificial flavorings. These delicious snacks offer “an addictive crunch and taste with the benefits of clean eating.”

Savor the Snack Mix blend of pecans, cashews and dried green bananas, zested with the perfect amount of flavor, or relish the crunchy kettle-cooked ‘Nana Chips, spiced up with Blazing Buffalo, Grand Garlic Parm and Macho Nacho flavors. Finally, treat your sweet tooth with UnGranolas (filled with almonds, coconut flakes and cashews).

Bubba’s Fine Foods promotes a healthy lifestyle while fueling your body.

Find protein-on-the-go with EPIC bites, savory, bite-sized, “energy bombs” that combine whole animal muscle meat with flavor-forward spice combinations. (EPIC has sneakily added superfood seeds and fruit to these little gems, too.)

Meat lovers will want to stock up on DNX Bars—another handy travel snack—that feature grass-fed beef, grass-fed bison or free-range chicken plus certified organic fruits and vegetables. These transportable goods offers “an ideal balance of real-meat protein, healthy fats and complex carbs to deliver complete nutrition in a convenient snack.”

Wishing you wonderful and hangry-free autumn adventures!

DNX Bars prove great on-the-go snacks