Recap: Highlights from Feast Portland 2019

Saturday's Big Feast. Photo by Jennifer Liu.

Feast Portland 2019 welcomed 21,382 total attendees during the four-day festival (September 12-15)! More than 131 local and visiting chefs participated, as well as wineries, breweries, distilleries, cider makers, artisans and more, in over 40 different delicious events.

Feast announced that the 2019 festival raised $78,450 for its charitable partners: Partners For a Hunger-Free Oregon and Urban Gleaners. Since 2012, Feast Portland has raised $523,590 to help fight hunger.

This was the first year for the West Coast vs. East Coast battle. I’m still hoping the OG Thursday event Sandwich Invitational comes back, but it was a tasty event and a great start to the festival. Here’s a summary of our favorite dishes:

  • Megan Sanchez’ (Güero – Portland, OR) BLT
  • Rick Gencarelli’s (Lardo – Portland, OR) White Castle Burger
  • Maya Lovelace’s  (Yonder – Portland, OR) Crispy NC-style Scrapple on Squishy Potato Bun With Egg Yolk and Tabasco Cherry Tomato Jam
  • Jonathon Gill’s (RingSide Steakhouse – Portland, OR) Tri Tip Steak Tartare, Grilled Scallion, Sea Urchin
Megan Sanchez’ BLT. Photo by Jennifer Liu.
Jonathon Gill’s Tri Tip Steak Tartare. Photo by Jennifer Liu.

Friday’s Night Market at Zidell Yards in the South Waterfront neighborhood is a great way to officially start the weekend. Watching the sun set over the water with bridges on either side is pretty dreamy.

  • David Thompson’s (Aaharn – Central Hong Kong) Aromatic Curry with Pumpkin
  •  Frankie & Jo’s (Seattle, WA) Miso Moon Oat Milk Ice Cream with Miso Caramel (without soy!), Miso Oat Cookie
  • Carlo Lamagna’s (Magna – Portland, OR) Beef Kaldereta
    • The beef was seasoned well and perfectly juicy and the potatoes were ah-mazing
Carlo Lamagna’s Beef Kaldereta. Photo by Jennifer Liu.

For a second year, the highlight of the weekend was Smoked. Located in a grassy park in the Pearl District downtown, it was all the grilled things and featured my favourite items all weekend. AND this year it wasn’t raining! Score.

  • Fermín Núñez’s (Suerte – Austin, TX) Grilled Lengua Taco
    • Props for pressing and grilling fresh tortillas right in front of us!
  • Bonnie Morales’ (Kachka – Portland, OR) Perepichka with Sauteed Sauerkraut and Cheese (similar to our version of a corn dog)
  • Chris Cosentino’s (Jackrabbit – Portland, OR) Flambadou Octopus, Iberico and Escabiche Spice
    • This was oh-so-yummy! The octopus was the perfect texture with smokiness from the grill and decadence from the iberico ham and pork fat drippings
Fermín Núñez’s Grilled Lengua Taco. Photo by Jennifer Liu.
Bonnie Morales’ Perepichka. Photo by Jennifer Liu.
Chris Cosentino adding pork drippings to his dish. Photo credit: Alan Weiner.

Unfortunately, our weather luck ran out on Sunday and it was pouring rain as people were lining up around the block to get into Brunch Village. Thankfully, Feast volunteers were walking up and down the line with coffee and oat milk. So Portland and so adorable. Thank you.

  • Reem Assil’s (Reem’s California – Oakland, CA) Falafel-encrusted Quail Egg with Green Shatta and Lemon Tahini
  • Tim Healea’s (Little T Baker – Portland, OR) Pierre Frany’s Tomato Tart
  • Jace Krause’s (Fried Egg I’m in Love – Portland, OR) Don’t Go Bacon My Heart
    Pesto, Carlton Farms Bacon, Fried Egg, Tomato, Tillamook Smoked Black Pepper Cheddar and “Aardvark Aioli”’
Reem Assil’s Falafel-encrusted Quail Egg. Photo by Jennifer Liu.
Tim Healea’s Tomato Tart. Photo by Jennifer Liu.

The ninth year of Feast Portland is coming September 17-20, 2020⁠! Events usually go live on the website in May and tickets go on sale shortly after (and it ALWAYS sells out). Mark your calendars.