#StayHumanProject at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle

Photo credit: Adela Lee.

Kimpton properties launched the Stay Human Project throughout the country this year to curate an in-room experience designed to connect guests to their city and one another.

The #StayHumanProject arrived at the Kimpton Hotel Monaco Seattle on October 1st, and guests can book a stay in the room until December 31st. We had the joy of staying in the #StayHumanProject room at Hotel Monaco last weekend, and our experience left us feeling more connected to each other and the city that we call home.

We felt like VIPs as soon as we entered Hotel Monaco, with the front desk inviting us down to the living room for wine hour, and displaying our dog Archie’s name on a VIP guest board for the weekend. The hotel experience can often feel cold and disconnected, and we deeply appreciated the welcoming staff at Hotel Monaco and the excitement they built around our stay in the #StayHumanProject room.

Drinks and snacks waiting for us in our room when we checked in. Photo credit: Alec Pesola.

Entering the room felt like stepping into a Seattle time capsule. The space is decorated with eye-catching photographs from famed music photographer Lance Mercer. Lance was Pearl Jam’s official photographer from 1991-95 and worked with other bands such as Alice in Chains, Beck, Mother Love Bone and more. It was so cool to learn more about the Seattle music scene and how it has changed over the years.

The room was also curated in partnership with The Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, inviting guests to take a dive into Seattle’s eclectic Chinatown. I loved learning that the building that currently houses the Wing Luke Museum was once known as the East Kong Yick building, and in 1917 the Freeman Hotel—situated on the upper floors of the building—housed many Asian Pacific American immigrants for roughly $10/month.

Some of Lance Mercer’s photos in the room. Photo credit: Alec Pesola.

We enjoyed listening to the exclusive ‘Sounds of Seattle’ playlist that guests can play with the tap of a finger from the in-room iPad while we browsed the photos. The playlist features Seattle-born or bred artists/bands, and was curated by Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants’ Director of Music Programming, Lauren Bucherie.

After exploring the room, we went downstairs to enjoy dinner at the Outlier. We loved being able to enjoy a delicious meal and cocktails just downstairs from our room. I ordered the Seared King Salmon with
Shiso spaetzle, yuzu kosho nage , and braised daikon radish/turnips. My husband ordered the Braised Short Rib with bone marrow roasted carrots, horseradish creme fraiche, and potato pave. Both of our meals were super flavorful and paired perfectly with our cocktails.

Our dinner at Outlier. Photo credit: Alec Pesola.

Guests are encouraged to share their experiences with one another through the in-room origami swan installation, as well as the lyric book that is full of favorite lyrics each guest has left during their stay in the room. There is also a vintage denim jacket that is adorned with classic, Seattle-only buttons and patches that guests are invited to wear and contribute to while they venture around Seattle.

Sporting the vintage denim jacket while checking out the lyric book. Photo credit: Alec Pesola.

In addition to the curated #StayHumanProject details throughout the room, including a Caffe Vita custom ‘Monaco Seattle’ coffee blend with in-room brew station, the room itself was so comfortable and relaxing. It felt amazing to take a staycation in our city in such a relaxing space. The tub in the bathtub is what dreams are made of, and even comes with a lovely tray you can put a laptop on to binge Jane the Virgin while you soak (speaking from personal experience here).

The amazing bathtub. Photo credit: Adela Lee.

Book your stay in the Kimpton Hotel Monaco #StayHumanProject room before December 31st to experience the space for yourself. We often book through an apartment sharing service when we travel because we seek out the experience of wanting to feel connected to the city. We both agreed that the #StayHumanProject gave us that experience we crave with the addition of being able to feel connected to previous guests who have stayed in the room as well.

Archie enjoying a messy but very comfortable bed. He recommends the #StayHumanProject for humans and canines alike! Photo credit: Alec Pesola.

The Stay Human Project was born as a reflection of Kimpton’s belief that heartfelt human connections make peoples’ lives better and the idea that commonalities and connections exist between all people – no matter their background or life story. We felt that connection during our stay, and we will be seeking out more experiences like this in the future!