Uneeda Burger to-go and their new Pork Bo Ssam Sandwich

Food and beverages are available for takeaway orders at Uneeda Burger. Photo credit: Justin Oba/Uneeda Burger.

With so many excellent options, I never need an excuse to visit a local restaurant. And now, it’s even easier to convince myself to skip cooking, because I get to feel good about doing it! I can now count ordering takeout and delivery as a good deed. And am I really stretching the truth that much?

The reality is that local businesses need our support. Although it seems too good to be true, you really are doing a good thing when you order takeout. Ordering from our local businesses is quite literally keeping many of our beloved spots open.

One of those spots is Uneeda Burger, a favorite in the Fremont neighborhood since 2010. While Uneeda Burger is not doing in-person dining, they are open for takeout. To be honest, I had never ordered a burger to-go before because it just seemed like one of those foods you need to eat in-person. I now know this was a lie I was telling myself. After ordering Uneeda Burger last week, I can confidently say burgers—at least Uneeda Burger’s—can be ordered to-go and enjoyed just as much at home.

The Pork Bo Ssam Sandwich. Photo credit: Justin Oba/Uneeda Burger.

In addition to their delicious Philly Burger, we also tried their newest sandwich, the Pork Bo Ssam. A take on the hugely popular Momofuku’s Bo Ssam, Uneeda Burger’s version consists of sweet and savory pulled pork, kimchi slaw, pickled scallion relish, and bo ssam sauce on a traditional bun. We paired these with a side of onion rings and fried cheese curds. The hardest part was getting the food home before we devoured it.

With blue skies in the foreseeable forecast, we are going to return to Uneeda Burger, but this time we plan to take our dinner to a local park and picnic. Even better, Uneeda Burger has a great selection of beer and wine available to go. Options include Liquid Geography Rose, a growler of a rotating selection of PNW craft beer, or you can even bring your own growler!

Ordering takeaway from Uneeda Burger is easy, with the ordering process being exclusively online. Support a local business whose burgers we all hope to enjoy for many years to come, and place your order here!