OL Reign Preseason Game Recap and 2023 Season Preview

Photo by Jane Johnson

Last Saturday, OL Reign celebrated a 3-1 victory in their international preseason friendly match against Club América, further commemorating the signing of a partnership for women’s soccer on an international level and the commencement of a unique and historic alliance that will strengthen the existing links between the clubs and develop new collaborations in various fields.

OL Reign (originally Seattle Reign FC) was established in 2012 as a founding member of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). The twelve-team NWSL is widely considered to be the most competitive women’s professional soccer league in the world. In 2019, the club was acquired by Olympique Lyonnais, one of Europe’s most iconic football clubs. OL Reign plays its home matches at Lumen Field in Seattle and trains at Starfire Sports Complex in Tukwila. Find more information at http://www.olreign.com and @olreign on all social media platforms.

Though the match was friendly, both teams brought fierce intensity and fast-paced, action-packed competition to the fans. The match was both physical and strategic, and the perfect opportunity for OL Reign to showcase their depth and connection as a team. Midfielder Rose Lavelle spoke to this at the press conference following the match, “I think, when you have good relationships with people off the field, it makes the on-the-field product that much better too. I think we have such an amazing group of people. The vibes are always so good, and I’ve never been on a team like this that’s just so good and wholesome. It’s such a great group and I think it makes it so easy to come in and get the job done. I think we’re all on the same page with everything and it’s fun. I think it makes the highs and lows that much sweeter and the journey that much better when you’re enjoying who you’re doing it with.” 

For players and fans alike, being a part of OL Reign means being a part of something greater. There are U.S. National Team players like Megan Rapinoe, Rose Lavelle, and Sofia Huerta who represent the best of the best. There’s an entire league of elite athletes inspiring the next generation of female footballers and creating opportunities for young minds to dream large. Goalkeepers like Phallon Tullis-Joyce take time to touch gloveswith the many eager and outstretched hands of children lining her walk from the locker room. Some are social justice advocates, activists, and philanthropists. This team—this league—uses their voices and their platform to build equality, acceptance, and opportunities around them. And it’s a movement that’s growing.

On the growth of women’s sports in Seattle, defender Sam Hiatt says “I just really hope that we continue to encourage, young girls in particular, in the greater Seattle area since we are both from here, just to play and keep coming to games and I think it really is cool that we have Lumen as the platform now to get even more people from Seattle to come. It really is, I think, the platform that we and the club and the players deserve. It was really nice seeing all the fans come out last year and culminating in a pretty awesome semifinal, so I hope to see everybody out at Lumen again, this year.”

Throughout history, soccer has always drawn people together. It is widely celebrated around the world and has a magic within it that bridges the rifts in our societies. Whether you are looking for something to do with friends, an event to take the family to, or an opportunity to unwind with thousands of other people after a long week, OL Reign will provide you with an abundance of quality options to do so. Sports fans, soccer fanatics and indifferent Seattle-dwellers (dragged to said sporting event by their loved ones) can unite under the same stadium lights—brought together by cold beverages, mouth-watering garlic fries, and world-class soccer. Forward Megan Rapinoe says that “For me, the main thing is the main thing and that’s the product on the field. So, I think we have a world-class product on the field, a world-class coach, and world-class players”. Does it get better than that? So, get your tickets and come and be a part of this world-class league! 

This season let’s be bold together. 

The season opener is Saturday, April 15th at 7:00 pm. Visit https://www.olreign.com/tickets for tickets.