2023 Spring Shopping: For Your Home, For Your Body

Photo courtesy Warby Parker

Even as someone who grew up in the PNW, every year, I still seem to forget how dark and how long winters last. To top it off, this year, it was colder than average, so I’m impatiently awaiting spring to arrive. In preparation, I’ve been spring cleaning and browsing online for ideas on how to get my space and myself feeling fresh and organized.

w&p Kitchen Products

I’ve had the w&p Porter Water bottle ($30) for some time and love its simple, chic design, but I just recently discovered that they also have seal tight glass bowls, reusable silicone storage bags, and an array of ice trays. If you’re looking to up your refrigerator game, check out their stylish and sustainable options.

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Photo courtesy w&p

Caraway Cookware

As someone who loves to bake, I noticed that my baking pans will warp over time and also retain dark spots that I can never seem to scrub off. I’ve been seeing some very aesthetic bake and cookware in my feeds and I decided to give Caraway a try. I ordered the baking sheet duo and a few weeks in, I’m pleased with how easy they are to clean and they’re so nonstick that the salmon I cooked on parchment paper on the pan almost slid right off when I was taking it out of the oven. On top of being sturdy, non-stick, and non-toxic, they are very attractive, and come in several color ways.

My next purchase will include a sauce pan and a sauté pan.

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Photo courtesy Caraway Home
Photo courtesy Uneedem, via Amazon

Plant Stands from Amazon

While I try to support small businesses whenever I can, I also still do buy things from Amazon sometimes. I first bought one of these plant stands over a year ago after looking at many local stores and other sites online and not finding any that I really liked. I just really wanted something simple, clean, and reasonably priced. This stool fits the bill and has held up really well. I recently bought four more in a variety of sizes. They are really affordable ($17.99 – $28.95), but don’t look it, and are easy to assemble!

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Kolkata Chai Co.

I have been looking for a good chai for a long time. Instagram must know, because they advertised Kolkata Chai Co. to me. Based out of New York, and run by a pair of Indian American brothers, Ayan and Ani Sanyal, this chai is the real deal. I am especially delighted that they a decaf option, as I am sensitive to caffeine and love a beverage I can drink into the afternoon. I loved my first bag so much, that I signed up for their subscription so I always have it coming. Because it’s more work than adding milk to syrup from a carton (or jar), I typically make 2-3 servings in one batch so I can enjoy over the course of a couple of days.

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Photo courtesy Kolkata Chai Co.

Warby Parker

Warby Parker’s spring collection has arrived. The March Capsule collection (beginning at $95), an extension of their spring campaign, features new frame styles on creatives, including Sade Mims, Maria Isabel, and boylife, along with the familiar faces of Henry Eikenberry and Jeremy O’Harris. Within the March Capsule collection, you’ll find translucent neutrals, two-toned tortoises, and polished metal accents that create a virtual reset.

In addition to the new frames, Warby Parker is also launching fresh styles of sunglasses clip-ons ($65) in more styles, allowing you to easily turn optical frames into sunglasses with just a quick clip. This is such a lovely and affordable option for folks like me who wear contacts and prescription eyeglasses, but have never gotten around to getting prescription sunglasses.

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Photo courtesy Warby Parker

Everlane’s The Daytripper Shirtdress

Our household has been a fan of Everlane for basics that are well made and admire their ethical approach with their factories and being transparent about the cost of their clothes. Read more here.

I bought this shirtdress a couple weeks ago and wore it for the first time last weekend—remember that dreamy sunny and warm day we got? It’s so flattering and I got a lot of compliments. This dress comes in a variety colors and patterns and runs from $69 – 98. It’s sturdy, but not too thick, and will be perfect this spring with flats or dressed up with wedges. I’m typically a XS or S, bought both sizes to try, and opted to keep the small, as it fit my shoulders better and was a roomier fit overall.

Photo courtesy Everlane