Seattleite clinks wine glasses with Sommelier of the Year, Kristen Young.

It was raining in Seattle. The sky had opened up and released its full fury to truly embody “April Showers.” Completely unaffected, the Waterfront Seafood Grill was bustling and vibing on Pier 70 to the tune of wine glasses chiming. Much of that was due to wine director Kristen Young loading up a few glasses of sparkling wine.

How Spinal Tap and Pinot Noir came together for Twelve Wine.

“The numbers all go to eleven,” Christopher Guest’s Nigel Tufnel explains in the classic rock spoof, This Is Spinal Tap. In this iconic scene in film history, Tufnel is referring to the maximum volume on his guitar’s specially-made amplifier. This punchline supposedly inspired the name of Twelve Winery. Not satisfied with a paltry eleven, John and Linda Lenyo believe their wines go up to twelve instead.

As one of the country’s leading cities in sustainability, it might come as a shock that Seattle has just recently got on board with the environmentally sound concept of wine on tap.

Nix the case boxes, corks and labels — bottled wine has gone by the wayside for green grape crushing minds who are now focusing their efforts in eco-friendly casks of wine, similar to the likes of Pike’s brews.

Woodinville’s favorite wine tasting weekend is back and better – and longer – than ever!

Fear not, thirsty Seattleites — a unique wine country opportunity lies just over the Sammamish River Valley. Though the city of Woodinville boasts the wildly popular Red Hook Brewery, as well as several locally sourced restaurants like Herbfarm, the community is best known for its thriving wine scene.

Get your spirits up with the sips at the annual Hop Scotch Festival!

Hop: The flower of a hop vine that is used as a flavoring and preserving agent in beer, often contributing a bitterness to the beer.

Scotch: What Ron Burgundy likes to drink.

Hop Scotch: Seattle’s premiere beer, scotch, wine, tequila and cigar festival. It’s the one and only that fits those qualifications all at Fremont Studios tonight and tomorrow.