Simmer down with this sultry stew that will keep you content all day long.

The Scoop: Luc is a French-American café owned by Thierry Rautureau, whose nickname — The Chef in the Hat — comes from his signature fedora. He is also known for blending traditional French cooking techniques with not-so traditional menu items. Luc offers a wide variety of mouthwatering French-American dishes that will satisfy your palate and beg you to reconsider your previous misconceptions of French cuisine. 

Sweeten up your day and bring some comfort to your breakfast.

The Scoop: Every morning for the last 20 years, the chefs in Montlake’s Café Lago are hard at work in preparation for the busy evening ahead. Preparing handmade pasta and tossing the café’s signature pizza dough are just two of the responsibilities as the kitchen staff buzzes around from station to station.

Indulge in this tasty fall comfort that guarantees a thoroughly clean plate.

The Scoop: This joyfully named local favorite has been serving up delicious and hearty Italian-American dishes for nearly 25 years. We think it’s safe to say they’ve got comfort food down to a science — a science that artfully evolves with each season, yet remains effortlessly simple,