Fall Comforts: Luc’s Boeuf Bourguignon

Simmer down with this sultry stew that will keep you content all day long.

The Scoop: Luc is a French-American café owned by Thierry Rautureau, whose nickname — The Chef in the Hat — comes from his signature fedora. He is also known for blending traditional French cooking techniques with not-so traditional menu items. Luc offers a wide variety of mouthwatering French-American dishes that will satisfy your palate and beg you to reconsider your previous misconceptions of French cuisine. 

Crave Factor: Nothing says comfort like rich, hot stew on a frigid fall day in the Northwest. It doesn’t get much more comforting than Luc’s Boeuf Bourguignon ($17) — a beloved French comfort food that is as hearty as it is tasty.  Boeuf bourguignon needs to be carefully constructed and expertly flavored — and Luc executes this dish flawlessly with a stew that will warm you from the inside out.

Boeuf bourguignon is traditionally prepared by slowly simmering beef in red wine until it has been braised to perfection. Then, the meat is paired with beef broth — and in Luc’s case — mushrooms, carrots and potatoes. This traditional peasant dish evolved into an elegant French specialty over the years — and today, it is a staple of any French-inspired menu around the globe.

Fun Fact: Planning a party or private lunch? Luc is available for full lunch buyouts. Enjoying your Boeuf Bourguignon to the fullest with a few of your family and friends — what’s more comforting than that?

Luc |2800 E. Madison, Seattle |(206) 328-6645