May 11th marked the two-year anniversary when first introduced the world to Deep Sea Sugar & Salt, then an up-and-coming, pop-up bakery serving cake with unmatched flavors like The Peach Bourbon, a bourbon soaked ricotta olive oil cake with a dark salted caramel and peach filling and cream cheese frosting. Now, this bakery’s Boss Lady, Charlie Dunmire, and baker extraordinaire, will open her very own market, Deep Sea Sugar, Cake, & Grocery, this Saturday, May 19th, with the help of Seattle and cake-lovers alike.

Japanese and American cultures mesh to bring you the deep fried burger.

Holiday shopping will give you quite the appetite, and sometimes you need a great burger to satisfy that hunger. Enter Katsu Burger, is a hole-in-the-wall located in Georgetown. It’s an easy place to bypass, but don’t miss these mouth-watering, deep-fried Japanese burgers. The menu is full of uniquely named items such as the Tokyo Tower, Godzilla Attack and the Ninja Deluxe.