I was looking at my calendar the other day and I realized I haven’t experienced the burn of Pure Barre for almost six months. Six months! The dismay! Blame it on being a first-time working nursing mom, I guess, since doesn’t seem to be a shortage of Pure Barre locations across western Washington, that’s for sure.


And now, my everyone’s favorite ballet-based total body workout is creeping even further westward with dynamic duo Sami and Brandon Sweeney’s fifth location in four years coming to Green Lake–the Sweeney’s own ‘hood.

Introducing one of the newest, most innovative fitness trends to the Emerald City.

From pregnant women to physical therapy patients, Sami Sweeney believes that anyone can benefit from a Pure Barre workout – and for the last three years, the Idaho transplant has been promoting this exhausting and rewarding exercise discipline throughout the Seattle area. She currently manages the only certified Pure Barre studios in Washington, which are located in the