Charitably immodest food bloggers peel for Japan.

The citizens of our planet face tragedy every day — and yet, when the earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan last March, I was devastated beyond anything I’d felt since 9/11. For days, I wondered how I could help beyond the usual means, until a flash of brilliance struck. I thought to myself, What Would Lady Gaga Do (WWLGD) and the answer revealed itself: get naked.

An on-line workshop that teaches how to photograph food — and so much more!

Four days and five showers later, I can’t get the campfire smell out of my hair. And I love it! Last weekend I had the honor of participating in a three-day, live streaming photography class taught by the inimitable Penny De Los Santos, senior contributing photographer at Saveur magazine. The course was put on by local company Creative Live and over 200,000 people tuned in.

Summer to-do’s: Hit the beach, eat some goodies, drink fine wine, maybe get naked.

It’s that time of year again, Seattle (well, almost). Time to fill our trunks with wicker baskets, Pendleton blankets and a couple bottles of rosé and head to the nearby shore. Once there, some of us will board our boats for a sexy sail on the Sound, while others compete with seagulls for a spot on one of Lake Washington’s sandy beaches.

Seattleite’s new weekly column is sure to wet your appetite.

Hello, my name is Linda and I’m a foodaholic. It’s a good thing I like sex too, or I would be at risk of weighing 300 pounds. There have been so many times in my life when food and sex conspired together for the greater good of my personal satisfaction; I decided it would be selfish not to share. That’s where this column comes in — we are going to romp through the journey of Sexy Food together.