Vegans, carnivores, and vegans trying to trick their carnivore friends into eating vegan food, I present: Veggie Grill.

Now of course you are wondering, “how would she know if a staunch non-vegan would like this food? She isn’t one.” And I would respond by first commending you for being a critical consumer, and then by explaining the funny story of how I brought a plate of Veggie Grill “buffalo” wings to work, watched said staunch non-vegans chow down on them, and then received a very sincere

All the kinks of the Veggie Grill chain have surely been ironed out. Seattle welcomes you warmly.

With ten already established restaurants bearing the same name outside of Washington, Veggie Grill had to be sure its introduction to Seattle was flawless. South Lake Union was the first honored host ‘hood and what a strategic move, indeed. Its modern feel, bright service and full menu offer the SLU crowd