March Foodie Madness: Signature Dish, Spur Gastropub

Photo: Chad Pryor
Photo: Chad Pryor

WHERE: Spur Gastropub | 113 Blanchard St., Seattle | (206) 728-6706

WHAT: Grass-Fed Burger

CRAVE FACTOR: You don’t have to be an outlaw to find a good burger. Luckily for you, we know where to find one this side of the Wild West in the Belltown neighborhood. Made of grass-fed beef cooked any way you like, oozing with cheese, delivering a hint of spiciness, in-between a bun (arguably equally as important) all on a plate covered in a mound french fries. A plate of yummy goodness in our humble opinion.

Different from your typical pub-grub, Spur is an upscale gastropub that thrives on serving unique dishes with season ingredients. Once you try their grass-fed burger, you’ll be planning your next trip back. This gem of a gastropub offers an array of drinks and cocktails to accompany your burger so leave the canteen at home and ride on in.