Tom Douglas’ new triple threat in SLU

Photo: Cucomo

As if South Lake Union wasn’t getting enough press, Tom Douglas had to go and open not one, not two, but three new eateries for our dining enjoyment. Here’s your peek into his latest adventures.

Photo: Cuoco

Apparently wherever Amazon goes, the rest of the neighborhood follows. At least it would appear this much is true of South Lake Union. Tom Douglas, one of Seattle’s largest restauranteurs, has set up shop in SLU and hopes to accomplish the same feat that he achieved in the International District — make the area relevant again. Douglas wants to be a part of the party, and with his newly-opened Italian “sweet” spot Cuoco (say it with me: Kwo-ko), he’s sure to score an invitation.

Cuoco will be joined by Bravehorse Tavern, a bare-bones bar with upscale fare and two shuffleboard tables. Also alongside will be Ting Momo, featuring longtime Douglas chef Deyki Thonden and her exemplary dumplings and noodles. Even better is the carry-out option at Ting Momo, allowing for your weekly Netflix night.

The three restaurants are (will be) located on Terry Avenue between Thomas and Harrison. The realtors said it, but Tom Douglas is going to make it true: South Lake Union is the new Belltown.