Wine O’Clock Wednesday: Riesling for Being

Do you think Riesling rules? Now’s your chance to say why and win $1,000.

If you’re passionate about Riesling, this week’s Wine O’clock Wednesday column is for you! Pacific Rim Winery is calling out for Riesling fans to enter their contest, which started Monday, May 16 and runs for 10 weeks.

All you have to do is “like” the Facebook page of Pacific Rim Winery and share your personal “Riesling for Being.” Entries are limited to 20 words or less, and will be accepted from Monday through Friday. Then, throughout each weekend leading up to July 24, Facebook fans will vote to award $1,000 to the author of the most popular submission each week.

“All personal anecdotes, creative puns and jokes are welcome – as long as the submissions are relatively tasteful and pertain to Riesling,” explained Shawn Barvaresco, brand development director and co-founder of Pacific Rim Winery.

Seriously, 20 words or less — and you have ten tries to be “relatively tasteful” and funny!

So Riesling lovers, get your creative juices flowing and wax eloquently or wittily about why Riesling is your favorite. Is it because it’s versatile? Perfect for pairing? Super for summer? Do you prefer Riesling to be crackling dry or heavenly sweet? Can you explain why Riesling is the fasting growing white wine in the United States?

If so, head over to Pacific Rim’s Facebook page and get your wine on!

Good luck, and cheers!