Cushe Footwear Gets You Where You Need To Go

Manuka Strip

They look casual and don’t fall apart — the perfect combo for summer shoes.

West Coasters are an earthy bunch. We like to play in the snow, sand and surf — and thus, require durable attire that can withstand the elements. Cushe Footwear, a UK-based brand founded in 2004, understands our needs — at least, as far as our lower extremities are concerned. The company’s past collections — such as Urban Safari, Universal Traveller and Coastal Supremacy — have specifically targeted the outdoorsy contingent, and the same is certainly true of their two new models.

Mens’ Surf-Slipper Loafer ($75)

These slip-ons may look like casual wear at first glance, but the Twin Skin technology with molded rubber outsole and Manuka sole grip ensure they’ll remain intact for a long time. Plus, the thickness of the outsole reduces shock absorption, so the wearer’s feet remain comfortable and protected — even on rocky, uneven paths. The fiber mesh material is also highly breathable, allowing the feet to remain somewhat presentable even after the loafers have been removed — which means that first date at the Japanese restaurant won’t be too awkward. Available in seven colors for men who wear size 7-13.

Womens’ Manuka Strip ($50)

With sandals, finding the right balance between too soft and too clunky can be a challenge. However, these lovely ladies’ designs do just that — the soft full-grain leather straps won’t abrade the skin, but the molded rubber outsole makes them perfectly wearable for hiking and biking, in addition to beachcombing. Perhaps the most appealing feature is the suede footbed, which will cradle your tender soles as you hoof it under the sun. Available in stylish gold or chocolate colors, for women who wear size 5-11.