Happenin’ Happy Hour: The Park Pub

Phinney Ridge’s top spot for a juicy burger and a cold pint.

This week’s column is a departure of sorts, since it focuses more on meal specials — rather than an overall grade of the menu. The reason for this is simple: I want one of these burgers really badly — like, right now. Like most good things, however, enjoyment can also come in the anticipation.

The burger I speak of is found at The Park Pub — a mousy bar atop Phinney Ridge where locals dominate the pool tables, while their dogs guard the patio. Like any courtship, my relationship with the Park Pub started fairly hot-and-heavy; I had a friend who lived a few blocks away, and we found ourselves sipping nights away in the dank establishment.

Must-Have Grub: Naturally, our more memorable nights revolved around the Pub’s decadent burger. This mouth-watering beauty comes in many different forms, such as bacon with bleu cheese, Swiss cheese and mushrooms, veggie patty, Portobello-laced and, of course, simple Tillamook cheddar, along with tater tots, the trending French fry of the day. If you want to be a stiff, a salad or old hand-cut fries are available. Take down the trivia competition happening on Mondays, and you’ve got yourself making smart decisions all over the place.

Must-Have Libations: For a neighborhood watering hole, Park Pub has an impressive tap run. Mixing knowns like Manny’s and Black Butte Porter with specialties like Southern Tier’s crème brûlée stout (what!) makes every Wednesday ($1 off pints, $2 off pitchers) a palette extravaganza for fans of the craft. It truly is one of those places where you don’t look like a jack for taking your time to order.

Happy Times: 3 to 6 p.m. every day

The Park Pub  |  6114 Phinney Ave N., Seattle  |  (206) 789-8187