Who doesn’t love a good baked potato? They remind me of childhood, but I haven’t had one in years. Off the top of my head, I’d be hard-pressed to name a restaurant that serves baked potatoes. It’s probably a safe bet to guess a steak house? Upon hearing about Papas Hot Potatoes, my love for baked potatoes was rekindled and we quickly made plans within the week to check it out. 

Innovative dishes and cozy ambiance make this the perfect neighborhood hang out.

You know those Sunday nights when you’re too tired to cook, but you just want some good food and a place to chill out? Oliver’s Twist, nestled between two shops in Phinney Ridge, is just the spot. The menu is mostly cocktails – with a huge selection of gin and bourbon – and the tapas menu is just the right size to satisfy your craving. My dad and I ordered three plates and it was the perfect amount.

The Capitol Hill favorite debuts a new specialty ice cream parlor in Phinney Ridge.

With the promise of local, fresh and organic ingredients, Josh Reynolds started Bluebird Microcreamery in 2009, and it’s been a growing hit ever since. As a fat kid at heart, I jumped for joy when I heard about the recent opening of a second store in Phinney Ridge — almost concurrent with my move to the neighborhood.

Don’t overlook this mighty lil’ hood — let us show you what they’re made of.

When it comes to Seattle neighborhoods, Phinney Ridge seems to be the frequently forgotten middle child, sandwiched between big brother, Ballard and cooky little sister, Fremont.  But don’t be mistaken. Phinney Ridge is no chump.  Stretching up past the Woodland Park Zoo up through Greenwood Ave, this little ‘hood boasts the kinds of where-everyone-knows-your-name eateries and bars that would make even the locals in Cheers jealous.