Dine on a Dime: Bluebird Microcreamery

The Capitol Hill favorite debuts a new specialty ice cream parlor in Phinney Ridge.

With the promise of local, fresh and organic ingredients, Josh Reynolds started Bluebird Microcreamery in 2009, and it’s been a growing hit ever since. As a fat kid at heart, I jumped for joy when I heard about the recent opening of a second store in Phinney Ridge — almost concurrent with my move to the neighborhood.

Meal steals: Bluebird Microcreamery’s best four ice creams under $10

It’s hard to choose just three favorites from Bluebird’s menu of eccentric ice cream flavors, so these are my top choices. Prices vary per scoop, but I assure none will top $10 (unless you go wild, in which case I can’t be held liable — but I completely understand).

Perfect for the fall season is the Pumpkin Series, which rotates different flavors inspired by the orange gourd. Think your grandmother’s pumpkin pie. If you’re in the mood for something the strays from tradition, try to the Mexican HOT Chocolate. Be ready for spice with this delicious, vegan option. For chocolate lovers (you know who you are), the Chocolate Pudding is hard to beat. It’s a blend of cream and dark chocolate that produces an intense cocoa flavor. Lastly, the Bourbon White Chocolate will get you in the holiday spirit. The flavor of white chocolate infused with bourbon will leaving you feeling warm and toasty, despite the cold ice cream.

There are plans to connect the back patio to the neighboring eateries — Caffé Vita and Cornuto Pizzeria — so eaters can roam freely through all three. Reynolds has also hinted that Bluebird has plans to brew beer and soft drinks (mmm…floats), and a third store in Fremont is in the works. In the meantime, head to Phinney Ridge and dig in!

Bluebird Microcreamery | 7400 Greenwood Ave. N., Phinney Ridge | (206) 588-1079