Fall Comforts: Wild Ginger’s 7 Element Soup

 Chicken soup for the soul.

The Scoop: After traveling extensively through China, Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia, Rick and Ann Yoder returned to bring the exotic flavors and rich cultures of the Pacific Rim to downtown Seattle.

Wild Ginger Restaurant & Satay Bar is renowned for offering traditional dishes, made from scratch and full of intense, distinctive flavors. All the dishes are served family-style, allowing everyone to fully experience the meal together.

Crave Factor: Think chicken noodle soup is the perfect remedy for a fall day? You haven’t tried Wild Ginger’s 7 Element Soup ($9.25). Available only at lunch, the soup contains chunks of spicy chicken and soft tender egg noodles, immersed in a green coconut curry broth with a complex mixture of lime and lemongrass. The soup is topped off with seven contrasting flavors: crunchy fried egg noodles, shallots, green onions, coconut cream, lime juice, soy sauce and crushed chilies.

Served with a bib, this soup is not meant to be eaten delicately, and is guaranteed to prepare you for the all the elements the fall day may bring.

Fun Fact: Jake Kosseff, Wild Ginger’s wine director, recommends pairing the 7 Element Soup with a Vignier or Roussanee. “The depth of the flavor of these wines make them perfect matches for the rich, flavorful soup.”

Wild Ginger Restaurant & Satay Bar |1401 Third Ave., Seattle | (206) 623-4450