Gifts That Give Back

Improve the world around you with these philanthropic gifts.

Sometimes we feel uneasy accepting gifts, but when the gift keeps giving there is no need for guilt.  Start shopping for your friends and family — as well as charity — by investing in humanitarian gifts for the holidays.

Snow Leopard Vodka

There are currently fewer than 3,500 snow leopards in the wild, and Snow Leopard Vodka is working to save this endangered species from extinction.  Raise awareness and buy this bottle of vodka for the animal lover and/or spirit drinker, and 15 percent of Snow Leopard’s profits will go straight to conservation projects sponsored by the Snow Leopard Trust.

Snow Leopard Vodka | $40.36 | Available at the Whiskey Exchange

Peace Pillows

Oimei Co., based in Thailand, is a fair trade company that sells vibrant, Bohemian-style pillows to promote peace throughout the world.  Oimei’s pillows are hand-woven by Thai locals who, in turn, are ensured fair wages and self-sustainability.  15 percent of Oimei Co. sales are invested in peace projects, such as the Human Development Forum Foundation, which promotes democracy in Thai society.  The variety of colors and designs in Oimei Co.’s products fit diverse home décor styles, and are a great gift for friends and family.

Pillows for Peace |$54.95-$69.95 | Will be available at Oimei Co. (mid-November)


Beats by Dr. Dre headphones are truly amazing. Each pair is made from proprietary titanium, and features a great bassline and high listening quality that allows the listener to hear music the way its creators intended it to be heard. When you buy a set of Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED headphones, a portion of the pricetag goes straight to The Global Fund to Fight AIDs in Africa.

Beats Solo HD (PRODUCT)RED | $230 | Available at Beats by Dr. Dre

Krochet Kids

Beanies are not only fashionable this fall but charitable as well, thanks to the organization Krochet Kids. Their beanies are made of Acrylic and include a small “Love” label as a reminder of their mission to help the third world rise above poverty.  For every beanie bought, you are supporting skill training, mentorship and job creation in developing countries.

Krochet Kids Beanies | $22-32 | Available at Nordstrom