Meatless Mondays: Vegan Pizza Pi

Cookie Pizza

It’s OMG goodness at this U District piezon eatery.

Charming couple Darcy and Charles run Vegan Pizza Pi in the University District. With their extensive menu and impressive combinations, I now refer to them as the “Vegan People Pleasers.” Surprisingly, you won’t find the word “tofu” anywhere on their menu. These VPPs are here to make you happy in fun and interesting ways.

Pizza Pi’s Calzone Poppers ($7.50) have the potential to replace the “Slider” as the most clever bite in cuisine today. Five mini calzones filled with five different—yet classic—combinations; combos they’re so confidant in that they assert “no substitutions.” This confidence is the only ounce of arrogance in Pizza Pi’s soul, so trust them. All the components on that silver tray commanded equal attention. And I gave it to them — oh-so-willingly. Those sweetly braided half moons of calzone-love flirt with the belle of the ball—their homemade white garlic sauce. If there were a bottle made of that thick sauce, I would carry it with me and slap it on anything and everything. Ob. Sessed. A little goes a long way, so keep it throughout the meal and dip your crust, your breadsticks, and your face in that stuff.

Calzone Poppers

When I first read the toppings on Tropic Thunder ($9.49 and up), I envisioned an old, leathery Hawaiian surfer dude with the munchies tossing together any thing in sight, but when I first ate the pie, I thought “the dude was a genius!” Order this crust stuffed and you’ll have an appetizer, a pizza and a dessert all in one. The infamous white garlic sauce, Canadian bacon, spinach, pineapple and red onion topped with shredded coconut is something you don’t see every day. Not even in your strange island visions of wrinkly men.

Cookie Pizza

Here’s another genius combo, just imagine if  “Cookie” and “Pizza” had a baby, the outcome — Cookie Pizza — he has Cookie’s eyes and Pizza’s flat butt. It’s Pizza Pi’s new Cookie Pizza ($6): the perfect offspring of sweet and savory. You can tell Darcy’s passion for baking with this artfully designed pie — a sweet thin crust topped with dark and white chocolate chips, mixed nuts, chocolate syrup and powdered sugar. The chocolate fiend that I am, the only thing that would make this better would be to put chips straight into the crust. But Pizza would be jealous.

Tropic Thunder Pizza

Ironically, the only day they aren’t open is on Mondays. Enjoy Meatless-Everyday-but-Mondays at Vegan Pizza Pi. Come by and see the precious cup of gravy next to their posted Christmas card. Darcy knitted it a sweater.

Vegan Pizza Pi |  5500 University Way,  Seattle  |  (206) 343-1415