March Foodie Madness: Best Pad Thai, May Restaurant and Lounge’s Pad Thai

Authenticity is May’s differentiator in a city full of Thai restaurants.

The Spot: Walk up to May and you can’t help but realize this isn’t your ordinary Thai restaurant. The large metal spiral staircase takes you to a structure that resembles an old house. In fact, the teak wood actually hails from a real house that once stood in Thailand. Photos of His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand, grace the walls. The kitchen features authentic ingredients too, some made on the premises and others flown in directly from the mother land.

The Dish: You probably think you’ve found the best Pad Thai in Seattle, but chances you’re wrong. Sorry. The dirty little secret about Pad Thai is that many places secretly use ketchup. That’s what gives it that reddish color. In reality, authentic Pad Thai should instead be made with tamarind and offer a wonderful brown hue. Not only does May deliver with their homemade tamarind, they also serve the dish wrapped in banana leaves and the noodles are mixed at your table. You get to control sugar, spice, sprouts, and even whether you’d like a little banana flower. Yep, banana flower. How does your Pad Thai compare?

May Restaurant and Lounge | 1612 N 45th St, Seattle | (206) 675-0037

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