March Foodie Madness: Best Brunch, Tilikum Place Café’s Dutch Baby

Dutch Baby

An incredible brunch with peaches and pecans and some local history await you under the shadow of the Space Needle.

The Spot: Picture a welcoming European café with American comfort and you have the Tilikum Place Café. Named after the Chinook word for “welcome,” Tilikum lives up to its name. Chef/Owner Ba Culbert serves up savory and sweet delicacies that are sure to warm your soul and put a smile on your face.

The Dish: The year is 1899 and Victor Manca relocates his family to Seattle with the desire start a restaurant. Manca’s Café goes on to be a Seattle institution and gives birth to the Dutch Baby (Victor even held a trademark for it). What is a Dutch Baby, you ask? A pancake with the fluffiness of a soufflé sometimes topped with syrup and fruits, this baby is said to be inspired by the German Apfelpfannkuchen. Fast forward to present day and you’ll find The Tilikum Café continues to honor this Seattle food icon. Prepared in cast-iron skillets, they are offered in a variety of flavors, but the peaches and pecans are sure to please.

Tilikum Place Café | 407 Cedar St., Seattle | (206) 282-4830

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