March Foodie Madness: Best Dessert, Dahlia Lounge’s Triple Coconut Cream Pie

Tom Douglas prepares one serious pie.

The Spot: Tom Hanks ate here in Sleepless in Seattle, the dining room is drenched in red, and the food impresses.  Dahlia Lounge, Tom Douglas’s flagship restaurant, offers Pacific Northwest cuisine without the pretense.

The Dish: Let’s just cut to the chase—the triple coconut cream pie is spectacular. Toasted coconut, fresh whipped cream, and white chocolate shavings come together for a healthy helping of one dangerously delicious dessert. The pie is so good it can’t even be contained to a single venue; you’ll fortunately find it at multiple Douglas restaurants. You’ll definitely want to leave room for dessert.

Dahlia Lounge | 2001 4th Ave, Seattle | (206) 682-4142

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