Music Madness: The Temper Trap

Aussie boys bring their Temper to the Showbox.

In 2005, a cluster of Aussie blokes in Melbourne started up the indie rock sensation that is The Temper Trap. Jonothan and Toby had been working together in a clothing store, and lured friends Dougie, Lorenzo and Joseph to collaborate on a musical escapade and began feverishly building fandom in and around Australia.

[tentblogger-youtube vN7HQrgakZU]

The band soon relocated to London, where they took off after their first album Conditions was released, and topped the charts in 2009. One of their first big singles “Sweet Disposition” landed them on the map around Western Europe, but most of us over here in the U.S. didn’t start hearing rumors about them until their second album was released in 2012. They played a wonderful set with the Black Keys at last year’s 107.7 The End concert in December, and fans couldn’t be more ecstatic that they’re headlining their own show at the Showbox Market next week.

The Temper Trap | Monday, June 18th, 7pm | Showbox Market