GRAMMY nominated producer ZHU has been headlining his ‘Neon City’ tour this spring beginning with Coachella two weeks ago and playing to a sold out Seattle crowd last night. Touring with fellow Mind of a Genius act Gallant, the vibe at the show was the perfect mix of chill, dance party, and energy. The instrumentals were absolute fire set to a unique feature-length film and captivating light show. The futuristic Neon City stages adds another dimension to the sonic and visual production.

Upcoming not-to-be-missed concerts and plays.

In this manic season when the weather can’t seem to make up its mind, we’re here to help you make up your mind about one important thing: How to explore Seattle’s thriving arts scene. If you ask us, it seems like the perfect month to hunker down indoors and book the calendar silly with inspired and inspiring onstage happenings.

It’s About Time To Experience Young The Giant at the Showbox

Young the Giant

Who: When the Jakes got together at their Orange County high school destined to emerge as one of 2009’s best new indie artists, their strengths grew to be as diverse as their backgrounds (Indian, Persian French-Canadian, and British). The Jake’s initial name is an acronym for each members’ first name, and thankfully after a successful summer performance at South by Southwest, and some face time on MTV, they announced they were done with abbreviations and resurfaced as Young the Giant – and young and giant they were. They began writing music together in their teens filled with excitement and ambition, and in their early 20’s as they began

After 15 solid years with Death Cab For Cutie, Gibbard steps out solo at the Showbox Market.

Ben Gibbard didn’t choose to step out and rock his solo album in search of finding himself as an individual artist after over a decade with Death Cab for Cutie, he did so to close a door. Gibbard pours his soul into these tracks, which span over 8 years of his life, revolve around 3 interchangeable relationships, and living in two very different cities.

This talent brings his rare exceptional voice to share with the Showbox Market.

Who: Frank Ocean, born Christopher Lonny Breaux, is a rare breed of R&B talent these days. He’s remained casually under the radar, writing for artists such as John Legend and Justin Beiber, but after working with LA’s Odd Furtive Collection, and self releasing his first album Nostalgia his own stardom began to shine for his vocal talents.