The Trifecta: Three Reasons to Eat Dessert First

Three new Seattle dessert shops give us a reason to skip dinner tonight and go straight for the sweets.

As if your must-try list isn’t long enough, we have three new places you’ll want to visit. Only continue reading if you’re prepared for mouth-watering.

Trifecta One: Pie

The pie shop that has stolen hearts (and taste buds) in Fremont has arrived at the Seattle Center. It’s all part of the revamp of the Center House food court (now called The Armory). The palm-sized sweet and savory pies have been a hit in Fremont since the shop there opened a year and a half ago. Owners Renee Steen and Jess Whitsitt said they were ready to “spread the pie love.” You’re sure to be enamored with options like English Meat, Mac N cheese, Peanut Butter Cream, and Awesome Berry.

Pie| Seattle Center Armory, 305 Harrison Street, Seattle| (206) 436-8590

Trifecta Two: Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery

Who knew a mini mason jar could contain so much joy? Hot Cakes can quickly turn a bad day from sour to oh-so-sweet. Enjoy dessert inside the shop, or grab a “Take N Bake Molten Cake” to savor at home. Founder Autumn Martin used to be the Head Chocolatier at Theo Chocolate, and prior to that Pastry Chef at Canlis, so you can bet she knows good dessert.

Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery| 5427 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle | (206) 420-3431

Trifecta Three: Crumble and Flake Patisserie

You know pastries must be good when they sell out even before closing time. It’s a good problem to have for a new shop (unless you’re the customer that shows up to crumbs). Founder and pastry chef Neil Robertson admits he’s a perfectionist and it’s evident in his creations, which include chocolate croissants, salted-peanut-butter cookies, and made-to-order cream puffs with vanilla, chocolate, or apricot filling. Sound appealing? Set your alarm.

Crumble and Flake Patisserie| 1500 E Olive Way, Seattle | (206) 329-1804