Plugged In: The 100 Hour Project

Don’t miss this talented Seattleites album release party.

Seattle singer/songwriter, Carson Henley, was looking for a way to stand out among the city’s vast pool of musicians. Talk about goal setting, Henley gave himself 100 hours to write, produce, and record a full album.

He pitched the idea to Grammy-Award winning engineer, Kory Kruckenberg, who –to his surprise – accepted the challenge.

Starting with a clean slate, the musician forced himself to create songs without any preconceived ideas of what the album would sound like or what he would even sing about. Curious to see what would happen and where his thoughts would take him, it was a test of his creativity.

With the help of a few friends like local soul sensation Allen Stone, his sister, Tess Henley, Spencer Doren and James McCalister, the mission was accomplished.

The new album, entitled 100HOURS, was released on June 26th on iTunes and includes ten new, original songs, all written on-the-spot. “Fire,” the first single off of the pop-rock album features funky blues instrumentals, and Henley’s classic, soulful voice.

Seattle film director, Brian Nunes, was attracted to Henley’s creative experiment and tagged along to produce this 48-minute documentary.

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Seattle musician Carson Henley risks every dollar he has on a project he hopes will change the direction his career is heading: toward a lifetime of bar gigs. Featuring Tess Henley, Kory Kruckenberg, Spencer Doren, James McAlister and Allen Stone.

Catch Henley at his album release show this Saturday, July 7th at Columbia City Theater. James Redfern, Sara Jackson-Holman, and surprise special guests will also be joining Henley on stage.

“Sometimes true colors come through under pressure and you see what you are really capable of accomplishing,” says Henley.

Carson Henley at Columbia City Theater | Saturday July 7 at 9PM | click here for tickets