Music Madness: Ghostland Observatory

Ghostland Observatory breaks it down with the Keyboard Kid in Sodo

Ghostland Observatory is not so much a duo, but a collaboration of two opposite minded individuals, dedicated to creating a unique blend of futuristic electro-pop and vocals. Aaron Behrens and Thomas Turner are two men driven by a cause that keeps them awake hours on end experimenting, and recording in their South Austin Studio. They have rapidly produced two albums in just shy of a year, utilizing an array of dominant instrumentals from the drums & guitar that give a savvy spin in today’s techno realm. Their live performance has exhilarated fans from coast to coast, and paired with the instrumentals from opener Keyboard Kid, the show at the Showbox should be one to mark on the calendar.

When: Friday October 19th, 7:00PM at Showbox Sodo

Tickets: $27 in Advance, $30 at the door

[tentblogger-youtube aZvaql37rcI]

Ghostland Observatory |October 19th |Showbox Sodo