Don’t Panic – Sweat Out Your Fever at the Showbox Panic! At The Disco Who: It has been nearly a decade since their first album shattered any rules or guidelines layed out for a band trying to create a successful breakthrough, and Panic! At the Disco has since showed the world their capabilities of pushing creativity to new heights. A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out oozed their natural gift for experimental instrumentation and it wasn’t long before these boys from Las Vegas were being

Grab your food and liquor for some old school love at the Showbox.

Lupe Fiasco

Who: Born and raised in Chicago, IL Wasalu Muhammad, better known as Lupe Fiasco, always struggled with the tug of war he associated with the Food and Liquor marts close to home; the food symbolizing his inner peace with family and friends, and the liquor… well he’s tried to control the liquor. Lupe Fiasco is an artist through and through, never relying on anyone’s opinion to deter his