Seattle Sound Bites: Stars in the City

Engstrom Public Relations Patrick Dempsey at the Lincoln Square Tully's/Photo courtesy of Engstrom Public Relations

Last week in Seattle – Stars in the City. And I’m not talking of the astrological sort.

Engstrom Public Relations
Patrick Dempsey at the Lincoln Square Tully’s/Photo courtesy of Engstrom Public Relations

“Ok, I just heard the Seattle girl wins ‘The Bachelor.’ I didn’t even have her in my top five! I’m in an office pool for money this season. What do you think? Should she be in my final four?”

I’ve been getting these kinds of questions a lot lately. It’s because my day job is in TV. I can neither confirm nor deny that I know the result of this latest season of “The Bachelor” featuring who-wouldn’t-want-to-date-him-hunk-of-man Sean. But l’ll say this: I’d put my last dollar on Catherine Giudici (the girl from Seattle). If not for the rumors, then for the fact that she’s just gorgeous. And seemed the most not-drunk or obsessed with “50 Shades of Cray” … err … I mean “Grey” … as some of the other contestants. Full disclosure: Catherine is also a columnist for Seattleite and though we’ve never met, I’ve heard she’s kind of rad and used to bring cookies in for all of the interns. What!

Seattleites are winning as seen on TV: Seattle resident Catherine Giudici, a graphic designer at Amazon and previously Wexley School of Arts and Taco Del Mar appears to be the early front-runner on ABC’S “The Bachelor” with Sean Lowe. Catherine hasn’t said a peep about her experience on the reality round-up but the Internets are talking and several outlets are spoiling the fact that she gets the final rose and the ring. Despite the premiere episode full of drunk brides and such, Chris Harrison says this will be the LEAST dramatic season of the “Bachelor” ever (that’s a new one) and instead, the most romantic. Apparently Sean took the process seriously. Seriously. Reportedly he’s still with his blushing Seattle bachelorette bride-to-be now. Side note, who thinks we should petition to get Chris Harrison to be the next “Bachelor” now that he’s single and ready to mingle? More Chris Harrison, please!

Speaking of winning, the Seahawks didn’t quite do so against the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday in the NFC divisional playoff game. They sure tried and in the process brought the magic of the NFL back to our city. So folks, unfortunately this does not mean you get a free portrait session from Hudson’s Portrait Design. But hopefully you took advantage of other game day deals from Trophy Cupcakes and Top Pot Doughnuts while they lasted. Nate Silver, the New York Times statistician who rose to prominence for accurately predicting other sports and elections and who said he was looking forward to a Seahawks-Patriots re-match in the Super Bowl didn’t get it right this time, but we think he is on the right track. This season legitimized the Seahawks and next year we’ll go all the way. You heard it here first. See Gus Bradley, Seahawks defensive coordinator, there is no reason for you to go meet with the Philadelphia Eagles.

We sure like our coffee here in Seattle but we like our celebrities who like our city even more. Bonus points for a celebrity who plays a Seattle resident on TV. Even if you don’t drink coffee you’ll like the fact that Patrick Dempsey of “Grey’s Anatomy”-fame recently swooped into town to buy beleaguered and bankrupt Tully’s and saved hundreds of jobs.  Did any of us even know he owned a company named Global Baristas LLC? So in addition to acting, race car driving, and charitable foundation holding, Mr. Dempsey can now add coffee business owner and Seattle savior to his resume. He even called Seattle his “second home” and was spotted visiting several Tully’s locations in the last weeks. I have about 15 friends on Facebook that can prove it via photo ops with the extremely gracious guy. He sure knows how to win this city over. McDreamy indeed.

Engstrom Public Relations
Patrick Dempsey, Tully’s owner and … barista?/Photo courtesy of Engstrom Public Relations

Seattle native-turned-Hollywood celebrityJeff Dye, who left our town to take a chance on stardom in Los Angeles years ago returned again this weekend to get laughs at The Parlor Live comedy club in Bellevue. Jeff grew up in the south end and gained attention as a finalist in NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2008. Name drop: I totally went to high school with Jeff and served him many a cup of steamed milk as a barista way back when. Since then he’s gone on to his own Comedy Central special and is now the host of MTV’s “Money From Strangers.” I keep meaning to catch his act every time he comes back but I usually find out about it too late. Plus it’s always sold out. Seems Seattle is full of his fans. Reminder to self: Set Google alert for Jeff Dye tickets.

Seattle Super Kings? Seattle fans never let the Sonics scandal go. We even came up with a name for the fiasco: Sonicsgate. All those hard feelings were brought back this past week with the (purposely-leaked?) chatter that Chris Hansen is thiiiiiiis close to buying the Sacramento Kings from the Maloofs.  The arena is a whole other issue so let’s get down to what really matters: What would we name our new team? Would we keep “Kings”? Try to get back “Supersonics”? Create a mash-up and call it “Super Kings”? Mash-ups are all the rage right now. What would you like to see?

So these TV stars and sports stars walk into a Seattle bar …