Seattle Sound Bites: Will Cindy ‘Make It Work’?

F/W 2013 Collection by Cindy Marlatt F/W 2013 Collection by Cindy Marlatt/Photo via

Last week in Seattle – Will Cindy ‘make it work’? Local designer will “sew” us soon on ‘Project Runway.’ Plus crabs and Lady Gaga leave us in a fog. Seriously, what was up with the fog, Steve Pool?

Even if you’re not in a “Project Runway” withdrawal, Season 11 is set to start up on Jan. 24 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime featuring 16 new designers – one of which is from Kent, Wash., a small suburb southeast of Seattle. The latest contestants were just announced and Cindy Marlatt, at 59 years of age, will be competing as the oldest designer ever to grace the “Project Runway” runway, but with a surprisingly modern portfolio. She did, after all, win “Best Student Designer, 2011” from Seattle Magazine after attending The Art Institute of Seattle. Let’s hope she can break out of the “older designer, older designs” rut we’ve seen play out onscreen in the past.

F/W 2013 Collection by Cindy Marlatt
F/W 2013 Collection by Cindy Marlatt/Photo via

Unfortunately for her – and us, Michael Kors is not judging this season so there’s no looking forward to his famous words of wisdom like, “It was like a hooker convention coming home after a late night,” or, “He looks like a reggae Jesus,” and, “She looks like toilet paper in a windstorm,” plus, “She looks like an Amish cocktail waitress,” finally, “I mean you might have wanted Carrie Bradshaw, but to me she’s ‘Toddlers and Tiaras,’ gone berserk.”

It’s not easy being Easy Street Records Queen Anne who closed last week after failing to reach a rent agreement with the building’s landlord. Don’t worry; Easy Street’s original West Seattle location will remain intact, having signed on for another 15 years in their space. But it’s still sad for Seattle’s independent music culture which enjoyed 12 years of record bins and live in-store performances by everyone from Macklemore to Eddie VedderYo La Tengo played a farewell performance on Friday followed by an auction of the store’s hardware. Did anyone pick up anything from it? I’m shedding a tear as I type.

Meanwhile across townSky High Sports in Bellevue announced this past week it’s filing for bankruptcy. The indoor trampoline park will remain open during the proceedings though – so plan your hop across the bridge now, kids. You only have a few more chances to break some bones in a post-bar crawl bounce. Why else would they be open until midnight on Saturdays?

20-Buck Schuck at Bastille Café & Bar kicked off this past Monday featuring oysters from the Hama Hama Company which is a local seafood store in Lilliwaup, Wash. It’s OK, I have no idea where Lilliwaup is either. The oyster special gets you a dozen-worth and goes from 4:30 p.m. – 10 p.m. Sundays through Thursdays and is offered with an array of condiments from a classic Mignonette to a fresh horseradish-laden Bloody Mary cocktail sauce prepared by Chef Jason Stoneburner. In other words, yum. Oysters without bubbles is blasphemy so you’ll also be able to seize a glass of Muscadet or Crémént sparkling wine for only $6. Slurp away!

Sundays and Mondays just got more flavorful at Monsoon who this week announced they’ve added Singapore-style yellow curry crab, scallion and ginger crab and tamarind crab to their Sunday and Monday crab feasts. Note: At Monsoon East in Bellevue they are serving the crab feast on Fridays and Saturdays. I was going to make a completely clever joke about having crabs but then realized I didn’t want to have to apologize later for being “that girl” so instead, the details: $30 for a whole two-pound Dungeness crab with a side of papaya salad. Bonus: 30% off all bottles of wine during the feasts from sibling Chefs Eric and Sophie Banh’s award-winning list. This Vietnamese food-inspired restaurant is part-Vietnamese girl (me) approved!

Get juiced for 20% off through Feb. 8 at Evo Fresh when you check in on Foursquare. That’s Evolution Fresh, Starbucks’ juicery, for you those of you who don’t share my affection for abbrevs and text-speak word-salad. Locations in Bellevue, Downtown and University Village. I’m there.

Lady Gaga onstage at the Tacoma Dome, Jan. 14, 2013/Photo via Lauren Adler of Puyallup
Lady Gaga at the Tacoma Dome on Jan. 14, 2013/Photo via Lauren Adler of Puyallup

Fans go gaga for Gaga when the outrageous pop star-cum-anti-bullying advocate kicked off the North American leg of her “Born This Way Ball” tour last week at the Tacoma Dome. Apparently there were sno-cones and a giant vag involved.  I only have a photo of Lady Gaga onstage, so no need to shield your eyeballs. In other “celebrity” sightings, Lindzi Cox – yet another “Bachelor” and “Bachelor Pad” alum and Seattleite – was spotted at the Bellevue Safeway on Wednesday night. Presumably to get some groceries … for one. She confirmed on Jan. 7 that she and “Bachelor Pad” partner-turned-beau, Kalon, are kaput. Another tear shed.