The Radar: A Happy Caffeinated Camper

Slate Coffee Roasters

Oddly enough I live not-too-far from an Airstream dealership. I often drive by their lot, daydreaming of what it might be like to take it back retro-style and travel across the good ol’ US-of-A in one of their iconic silver campers wearing a polka-dotted full-skirted dress akin to 1950s House of Dior and using phrases like “necking” and “boss.” I’m not actually sure if Airstream is associated with the ’50s all that much but hey, it’s my daydream!  I digress …

Slate Coffee RoastersIn the current era, a 22-foot Airstream Safari has rolled onto Capitol Hill introducing Slate Coffee Roasters, a burgeoning Seattle coffee company that emphasizes “intentionality, hospitality and exploration” and the idea that coffee is special. As in, you’re not going to find traditional Italian offerings like macchiatos and cappuccinos, rather a menu that is much more simple showcasing the farm the coffee beans come from — and without a condiment bar to add extras like cream and sugar … for a reason.

Dubbed “SlateStream,” the camper is equipped with a La Marzocco GB-5, two Robur-E grinders, Vita Kettles and award-winning baristas. Coffee connoisseur heaven!

Slate Coffee Roasters

SlateStream serves up coffee in all its caffeinated glory Tuesday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the Piecora’s Pizza parking lot on 14th Ave. and Madison St. The camper offers a glimpse of what’s to come of the Slate Coffee Roasters cafe which is scheduled to open soon in the old Ballard Sun Cafe space at 5413 6th Ave. NW.

SlateStream | 1401 E Madison Street,  Seattle (in Piecora’s Pizza parking lot)